Bartok Science Industries
     Nithon was granted exclusive contract on backup software maintenance and data base progression by Bartok Science Industries, an International company in the Fortune 500.

     Beginning in the 1978 John Nithon was an independent contractor working for Bartok Science Industries as a data, security and backup, field technician.   John formed the company Nithon in 1986 after one of his clients a Seth Brundle was found mutilated in his workspace.   John Nithon was acquitted of all charges brought on by Bartok and investigations by local authorities and the NSA.   Bartok Science Industries through investigation found that Seth Brundle had not been sending in progress reports or his data for months.   Nithon was granted a single client contract; as Nithon had the only data copies of Mr. Brundle’s independent work.   Thus began a reputation of ‘Quality through experience’ that continues thru to this day.
Opening Market
The Nithon / Bartok contract was mutually ended in 1992 allowing Nithon to serve the general public.

In 1992 John’s 2 identical twins, Joe and Jack, came to work with him at Nithon.   However this also began a sad time in the personal life of the brothers.   Their mother began her bout with dementia, and stated throughout the rest of her life, she had only one son.
Nithon is expanding into the 21st century. The company has now investment properties including;
• Corporate retreat house on the west shore of Lake Tahoe, CA.
• Office in New York, NY.
• Office in San Francisco, CA.
• Office in Dallas, TX.
• Office in Paris, France
• Office in Tokyo, Japan
• Office in Venice, Italy

     Nithon has never been late to any meeting, no matter the office location or time constraints.
Nithon has also grown to be a major part of the food industry by helping to start and becoming a driving force in the Soylent Corporation.

     The Soylent Corporation is self sustaining, and FDA approved .   The company is a fully integrated cultivator and manufacturer of single meals.   These soybean and lentil energy bars (soylent red) and hiking biscuits (soylent yellow) are vitamin enhanced, hydronated, single meals that can be stored for up to 3 to 7 years.   Testing by several independent firms, shows that Soylent products can sustain anyone from 1 year of age through the rest of life as their sole food source.
     New and exciting possibilities continue to grow, and the Solent Corporation is looking to our oceans, which comprise 75% of our world mass, for possible production using plankton.

     Please note, as with any food, over consumption can cause obesity.

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