Beginning in the 3rd quarter of 1999 Nithon was a start up without a main business goal.   The company was used as a conglomerate of friends to begin individual ventures.   Nithon has grown into a strong IT service, assisting many northern California businesses and Unions.

     Today Nithon is very resilient with zero debt, multiple liquid investments and 4 years of progressive growth.

Our story
     In the first quarter of 1999 a discussion was under way between friends.   This conversation began leading toward the philosophical and theoretical ideas concerning ownership rights and philosophies.   Beginning with the differences between Native Americans whose belief is that one cannot own the land and Europeans who came to America then claimed land for themselves.

     These dialogues lead to the idea of owning a word or Name which is non-material.   Working with this theory several inquiries were made into where and how a word or name could be owned.

     A businesses license started, has a fictitious name that can only be used and registered in a county.   A car license plate could have a name that no other in the state could contain, and a web address could be leased that no other in the world could use.   The complexity arises in gathering all the various areas the particular word/name appears in the diverse places.    In the process, it was found that the California license plate was the most difficult, as there are only 7 limited characters that can be used, with the most common having been acquired years to decades ago.   There are many URL addresses still available with multiple dot “endings” continuing to arise (.net, .tv, .me, etc.).

     Nithon comes from a prose by H.P. Lovecraft entitled “Fungi from Yuggoth”.   The word is used in the 14th stanza, “Star-Winds”, to describe a continent.   This word fulfills both the theory of owning a Name, as well as being in the theoretical sense a continent (land), all of which is immaterial and fictitious.

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