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Guild  Members of Saint Guinefort

The solid foundation that our guild and our lives are built around.  A Knight of St. John of Jerusalem.  The greatest man any could call ‘friend’.  The Bastard - Sir Dogboy



E-mail: someone else @ ?

Guild Master

Beware: I have seen him kill a Bear for blinking “wrong”!  He worships the Squirrel God and he is to be feared and avoided.  He drives naďve damsels off on his magic sled!!!


Number 2


Royal Chancellor




High Priest

We are broke, why are we always so poor?  He cooks, he cleans the safe, he shops, he keeps the books and the checks and the credit cards and the safe deposit boxes and the ready cash. . . .

E-mail: Cayman islands


1. Obey your Guild master,

2. pay your Treasurer

or No.# 2 comes for you.



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